The no-mess, no-fuss answer to environmentally-friendly roof coatings that
provides performance, durability and energy-saving benefits. The unique “Cool Roof”
formulation reflects and emits the sun’s heat to keep your roof cooler, as well as
reduces the amount of heat transferred to your home. Sandtex Cool Roof exhibits
the unique property of Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) to allow an extremely durable,
weather-resistant coating. The acrylic formulation offers excellent no-peel adhesion.
It’s UV and water resistance gives long lasting, colour fast protection to a variety of
roof materials.

Sandtex Cool Roof is so versatile it can also be used on windowsills, fascias and
gutters. For optimum Cool Roof benefits, it is highly recommended that you first apply
a single coat of Cool Roof White, followed by two coats of the colour of your choice.

• UV and water resistant for long lasting protection
• The coating has a minimum Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) of 30-32%
• Reduces the temperature of your roof by approximately 8-12°C
• Cools your home’s interior by up to 10°C
• So versatile it can be used on windowsills, facias and gutters
• Easy application by brush, roller or spray
• Dries quickly so you can overcoat in just one hour
• Up to 15 years durability

Finish                                     Matt


Suitable For                          Exterior Use


Coverage                              Galvanized Iron: 7m²/ lt

                                               Rough Gritty Tiles: 2 – 3m²/ lt

                                               Fibre Cement: 5 – 6m²/ lt

Drying Time                          ± 1 hours

Re-Coating Time                  ± 1 hours


Clean Up                               Warm soapy water

Pack Size                              5lt, 20lt